Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sony eLibrary 3.0 For Windows XP

Even though I looked on Sony's site, I couldn't find any links for the 3.0 version of the Sony Reader eLibrary software. Nevertheless, those wizards over at Mobileread did! UPDATE! Mobileread now has a link for the Macintosh OS X version too!

This is the installation process, which shows me upgrading from the prior version.

The 2.x desktop shortcut icon:

This is what the 2.x software looked like minutes before:

Click = big

Install dialog:

Intermission dialog:

I did click on Details for the Just In Case. This is the web page. Note this still:
Using the eBook Library software with 64-bit versions of Windows® XP operating system is not supported.

And after a few minutes, behold 3.0:

Click = big

Ignore what's in my library. Most of the links were actually dead! Just look:

Click = big

By now, your reaction is probably the same as mine: Wow! That's fugly!!

Strangely, it had cached the covers of the dead links!

Click = big

FeedBooks ePub in full-screen view:

Click = big

Sample ePub via Adobe in full-screen mode:

Click = big

Unlike 2.x software, the bottom controls no longer fade away when the pointer isn't touched. The controls seem to persist.

Cover of an Adobe DRMed ePub borrowed from the New York Public Library in full-screen mode:

Click = big

First page of same in full-screen mode:

Click = big

After I cleared out all the dead links, I was left with this small list. And here I am returning that ePub to the library:

Click = big

The new XP desktop shortcut icon:

Well, the software is still fugly. It's still unintuitive. It launches slower than 2.x but seems to run OK. This hasn't been a beat-down stress test, just a quick documenting of the upgrade.

I was really hoping for some user interface and eye candy improvement. I guess such things are beyond Sony's ability. Too bad.


SF said...

Compare a book bought from sony displayed in version 2 to version 3
Nice sharp letters in version 2, fuzzy letters (at least to my eyes) in version 3. I also found the background (full screen mode) a light grayish color in version 2 to be superior to version 3 which is black. I switched back to 2. As far as usability I think version 2 is superior to version 3.

Mike Cane said...

>>>Compare a book bought from sony displayed in version 2 to version 3

I can't do that. I installed over 2 and have no backup. It doesn't matter to me personally anyway, as I'd never try to read an eBook on my crap monitor unless it was an absolute emergency.