Sunday, July 13, 2008

David Rothman Goads ^h^h^h^h^h^h Cheers Me On

Of course e-books suck, Mike: Flame away

Teleread is the first ebook site I ever came across on the Net ages and ages ago.

David Rothman has seen The Big eBook Picture longer than anyone else has.

He thinks about ebooks from a Good For Society viewpoint, from an intellectual viewpoint.

Only now are people just starting to catch up with him -- and they are agreeing with him.

Unlike those Suited putzes at the RIAA and those Suited pishers at the MPAA, ebooks just might escape from the claws of the frightened monopolists and become the legitimate mass-market and societal boon they need to be.

Every damned writer should be reading Teleread daily. That's if you intend to stay a writer and not go off to a street corner and beg with a tin cup for your retirement funds.

Someone should nominate him for a MacArthur Genius Grant, dammit. He deserves one! And it's overdue.

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