Monday, July 14, 2008

Cornell Woolrich

Cornell Woolrich

Rendezvous in Black - $10.00 - Mobi
The Bride Wore Black - $6.99 - .lit

- no match -

Rendezvous in Black - $10.00

- no match -
- no match -

Microsoft Reader
Refers to Fictionwise, Diesel, Powells

- no match -

- no ebooks -

Sony eBook Store
- no match -

Amazon Kindle
Fright - $5.59

This really disgusts me. Why isn't there more Woolrich in e?! He's dead! What's the delay?!

A question for Fictionwise: How the hell do you manage to stay in business? The listing for The Bride Wore Black came from a Microsoft referral! If Google had your search engine, we'd all be using Yahoo!

Kindle gets a point for having a decent price and a book no one else has.

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