Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ken Bruen

Ken Bruen

Fictionwise - Secure Mobi
Killing of the Tinkers - $12.95
Priest - $13.95

Killing of the Tinkers - $12.95

Killing of the Tinkers - $12.95
Priest - $13.95

No match
No match

Microsoft Reader
Refers to Fictionwise - which only has Secure MobiPocket, not .lit!

Diesel eBooks
No match

No ebooks

Sony eBook Store
Killing of the Tinkers - $11.86
Priest - $12.56

Amazon Kindle Store
The Dramatist - $4.99
Priest - $9.99
The Guards -$9.99
Killing of the Tinkers - $9.99
The Killing of the Tinkers - $6.23
Ammunition - $9.99
The Magdalen Martyrs -$9.99
Blitz - $9.99

This is just a shock. Why does Kindle have more Bruen books than the rest? And that's not even all Bruen books!

Fictionwise's search engine failed to show both Bruen books until I serendipitously clicked on his name in the one search result given! What did I say about Suck?

In addition, Bruen has two series: the Brant series and the Jack Taylor series.

No one -- not even Kindle -- has the complete Brant series. The Jack Taylor series begins with The Guards -- which only Kindle has! How screwy is that for readers?!!?

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