Sunday, November 23, 2008

eBook Holiday-Buying Recommendations

25 e-books to buy before Christmas
We’ve all had a good look at books, and frankly, they’re outdated. All that paper is SO eco-unfriendly, and packing 10 John Grisham thrillers into the holiday suitcase takes up valuable space for more important sombreros.

E-book readers help solve all these problems, and we’ve trekked through the virtual internet library to see the best tomes on offer (we even got shushed by the robot librarian).

This is from the British magazine T3, so every eBook might not be available for purchase elsewhere. But it's still an interesting list to read. They do a bit of cheating, though, by including four free eBooks.

There's also this: Death match: Sony Reader PRS-505 VS Iliad Book Edition

Really, do I have to announce the winner? Moi?

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