Sunday, January 11, 2009

Several New eBook Videos

REVEL is a new Yanceyware YBK compatible Ebook reader the has been written for the Android platform. some new exciting features include existing library of Yanceyware YBK file compatible. Live online internet download of new YBK's allows in church updates :)

Standard Works eBook Reader
A demonstration of the Standard Works eBook reader using the Charles Dickens library.

There are also more videos about the Standard Works eBook Reader here.

CES 2009 - Hanging with Astak's eBook

In which the interviewer obviously knows nothing about current eBook readers. But a bit of a scoop here: Astak is negotiating for DRMed ePub with Fictionwise!

What's also interesting is at Astak's site, ePub is already claimed as being compatible:

Here is the Mobiebook site mentioned in the video.

For newbies, this eBook reader is nothing new. It's being sold under a variety of brand names, probably the best known of which is BeBook.

Sony Reader PRS-505 - What Sony Doesn't Want You to Know Before You Buy
This is a demonstration of the Sony Reader. It is not a full demonstration, rather, it shows how it would work in real-life, when one is simply reading a book.

It is a great little device, but this is clearly still very much an early adopter choice.

In the example, I show a Japanese-English dictionary. The benefits are clear, even in this limited example: carry a 750g dictionary, or carry a 340g Sony Reader. And of course, since there are more than 200 other books stored on the 2GB SD card, the choice becomes an even easier one.

However, if you do not have oceans of time, that choice may not be so clear-cut. Watch and decide for yourself.

A painful yet unintentionally funny video. Obviously he's using an eBook in the File Format From Hell: PDF. I hope at some point -- said point being sometime in 2010(!) -- he'll try this test on the Plastic Logic eReader too.

Here's the text review for th above, in which he does not reveal that above video is of a PDF.

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