Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Amazon hard at work reclassifying books.

Reclassified authors in new Amazon-furnished company home.

Gore Vidal is awake:
What kind of a childish game is this? Why don't they just burn the books? They'd be better off and it's very visual on television.

It's Tuesday. Where is Amazon's official policy statement?


Henry said...

Let's not go Godwin on Amazon. Agree with #1, not so much with #2

Mike Cane said...

It's Tuesday. Where is their official policy statement? Even if they started drafting one MONDAY at 9AM, it should be good to go by now.

And #2 is a natural consequence of #1.

graywave said...

Mike, these were the first images that came to my mind too. If Amazon ever does reclassify GLTG and sex out of its search results, it wouldn't be long before the publishers stopped wanting to publish it (nothing personal, purely business).

The fact that it was just a 'glitch' and Amazon has apologised is little consolation. The fact that they have this functionality and the intentions it implies, is still as alarming as North Korea firing ICBMs over Japan.