Wednesday, May 20, 2009

SmartQ 7 As eBook Reader

The punchline first: This device has a domestic (China) MSRP of just US$189.00. Seven-inch color touchscreen, Linux-based OS, WiFi, battery life of 8-12 hours.

Steve Paine (aka Chippy) at UMPC Portal first made me aware of this device via Twitter about two weeks ago. I was very skeptical because the website and ordering instructions seemed sketchy. Being an adventurous lad, Chippy was undeterred and went about arranging a safe way to purchase (via Paypal, rather than the wire transfer methods touted on the website!).

Once he got it, he put it through a live two-hour-plus UStream videocast. All of which I happened to miss (damn you again, Twitter!).

Steve knows I'm interested in eBook developments, so when he saw that FBReader was installed on the SmartQ 7, he did a demonstration just for that.

Here's the video:

He also posted several photos at Flickr, one of which I'm cloning because it's very impressive:

Click = big

Note that it shows version 0.8.17 pre-installed. The latest version is 0.10.07 and it can do DRM-free ePub. I hope Chippy gets curious -- as he usually does -- and sees if it's possible to upgrade FBReader to the latest version.


shayera said...

That's pretty damn impressive. I think I want one. But with no cash to spend, I'll hold off.

Mike Cane said...

Well, they always seem impressive. But in hand, crushing reality often sets in and disappointment blooms.

See this.

M asad said...

It looks nice, nice screen, slow and sluggish (ok with that)

However, after power on the device, it showed sort of login screen.
The reset/reinstall firmware/using a USB keyboard for login won't work. It is now two weeks on the shelf.
I contacted the electro guys, and there is no answer yet (they do not know). there is no way to access the device and do anything. simlpy, I will never recomment it. I wish I got another devise that has people to support it rather than do not know.

This is just an advise. Good luck though

Anonymous said...

Well the way that I get it to connect to the pc is with it running i hook up the cable. Then hit the power switch for a second and it gives u access to the device's card