Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Writer M.J. Rose On Free eBooks

Why Is My Book Free?
It's because trying something for free is the best way of discovering it. And free doesn't mean sampling a quarter of a cookie - it means the whole cookie. It doesn't mean someone spraying my wrist with perfume - it means them putting a small bottle of the fragrance in my shopping bag. It means spending a weekend in a hotel and taking two showers using the same soap. It doesn't mean reading the first five pages of my book online - it means reading my whole book for free as a way of discovering me as an author.

I agree with the sentiment. Just not the method.

This guy got screwed:
What a colossal ripoff.

I went to the site, clicked the link, and I was required to give a lot of personal information (which I did). When I finally clicked the "download PDF" link, (after entering the free code) there was no PDF, only a 1 k file called "ebx.etd". NO PDF, NO BOOK.

So basically I just wasted a lot of time and gave away my personal information to your publishing company... FOR NOTHING.

Glad I didn't.


Karen in TN said...

.etd is an Adobe Digital Editions PDF file - he needs to upgrade his adobe reader software. Or just grab the mobi edition (have to enter your PID, just like most publishers; you can have up to three or strip the DRM off later) or even the LIT version (if that is your preference).

True - it isn't a non-DRM version. But it is free and you get to keep it (unlike Neverwhere and some others that have come out for online reading only or expiring Adobe Digital Editions - really, 30 days is ridiculous if we are forced to read it on our computers, especially for a book of that length).

Mike Cane said...

Thanks for the clarification.